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adult on recumben trike

Cool Senior: Adult Tricycles for Boomers and Beyond

Recreational bike riding is quickly becoming a trend among a large number of senior citizens, if only because of the assurance that comes from riding a tricycle. A typical two-wheeler presents a number of balancing challenges for all riders, but ...

glossy car look

Keeping Your Older Car Fresh and Up to Date despite the Mileage

Getting that new car was a breath of fresh air; literally. You’d get in and breathe in deeply, soaking the new car smell and rubbing that steering wheel appreciatively. A smile was always playing on your lips when you’d rev the engine. But age ...

maldives diving

3 Fun Reasons to Take Your Family to the Maldives

*image credit: White sands. Turquoise seawaters. The summer sun amidst blue skies. Maldives, a picturesque landscape perfect not just for a romantic getaway and honeymoons, but for a spectacular family ...