Greece – Honduras

Greece – Honduras – Italy – Spain – Portugal – Spain
The latest UEFA results show that the teams are gradually entering the top 4 of the standings. However, the gap between the leaders is still quite big, so the match-ups will be very important for the teams.
The UEFA fixtures are available on the website of sports statistics, which provides information on the results of matches of the teams, as well as on the league table.
UEFA fixtures
The current season of the Champions League is already starting, so it’s time to analyze the fixtures of the matches of each team. The teams are in the middle of the tournament, so they have a lot of matches ahead.
At the moment, the main favorites of the current season are:
* Real Madrid;
* Barcelona;
* Juventus;
* Liverpool.
This is the team that has won the most trophies in the last ten years. The team is considered to be the most successful in the Champions league, too, so fans are expecting a lot from them.
However, the team has a lot to prove, too. For example, the following players are still not at 100%:
* Karim Benzema;

* Sergio Ramos;
Real Madrid;
* Cristiano Ronaldo.
They are the main players of the team, so their absence will be felt.

The main rivals of the leaders are:

• Manchester City;
• Chelsea;
All the teams have a long list of players who are ready to play for their team, but they have to show their maximum to win.
In the current campaign, the teams will play against each other in the following matches:
1. The first round of the group stage, which will determine the teams’ position in the tournament.
2. The semifinals, which are the best-of-seven matches.
3. Final matches, which decide the champion title.
4. Champions League.
It is important to note that the matches are held in the summer, so we can expect a lot more confrontations.
Who will win the Champions?
The team of Josep Guardiola is one of the main contenders for the victory in the current tournament. The previous season, the Guardiola’ team won the Champions title, so he has a good chance of repeating the feat this time.
As for the main rivals, the list of the best is long and includes:
• Barcelona; “Juventus”; ” Liverpool”.
Barclays is considered the best club team in the world, so its main competitor is the club from London. However the latter is not the most convincing, because it has a bad record in the recent Champions league.
“Liverpool” is also considered to have a good record, but it lost to “Barcelona” in the previous season.
Also, the current Champions League has a few problems. The main one is the fact that the tournament is held in summer, which is another reason for the failure of the club.
Despite the fact, that the team is not considered to the best in the club world, it is a great team, because its main players are: Luis Suarez, Andy Robertson, Steven Gerrard, Steven Na, Jordan Henderson, Jordan Ross, Jordan Ayew, Jordan Ibeagha, and the list goes on.
You can follow the results on the sports statistics website, where the information is updated in real time. The information is available in both English and Spanish.
Current results of the Spanish championship
The season of La Liga has already ended, but the fans of the championship are still waiting for the results. The current season is very interesting, because the teams play against the same opponents, which allows them to learn the tactics of their rivals.
La Liga results are available in the sports results section of the website, which presents the latest information on matches of teams, and on the standings of the league. The most interesting matches are those that will determine who will get into the Champions’ League. The following teams are considered to get into this tournament:
· Barcelona; “Real” Madrid; ” Atletico” (“Atletico’’ is a club from the Spanish capital, so this is another good chance for the team to get to the Champions’ league. However this is not a guarantee, because “Atleti” has a long way to go to the top).
· “PSG” and “Bayern” are considered as outsiders of the top-4.
· The teams of Guardiola’s team are considered the main competitors, although they have not won the trophy for a long time. “Manchester City”, “Chelsea” or “Liverpool” are the teams that have won the Premier League. However they have lost to the team of Guardiola in the past season. The club of Guardiola is considered a contender for the champion’s title, too; however, it has not won it for a very long time, so there is still time for it to win it.

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