The world cup in South Africa

The world cup in South Africa is now in full swing. The tournament is held every four years, and this time it will be held in the country of the hosts. This time the teams are:
1. England.
2. Australia.
3. New Zealand.
4. Argentina.
5. Germany.
6. Brazil.
7. Uruguay.
8. France.
9. Croatia.
10. Spain.
11. Portugal.
12. Belgium.
13. Netherlands.
14. Belgium, Netherlands and Portugal. This year, the tournament is being held in Africa.
The main goal of the tournament for the teams is to win gold medals. The competition in the tournament will be really intense and exciting. The teams will play against each other for a long time, and it is quite possible that the outcome of the match will be decided by the last minute.
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The tournament is a great chance to show your skills and win a lot of money. The main goal for the participating teams is the victory in the international arena.
Teams’ Prospects in the Final Rounds
The teams have already played against each another in the group stage. They will have to fight for the victory. The first matches of the round of 16 were really tense, and the outcome was decided by a single goal.
In the decisive match, the teams played against the following teams:
* Germany;
* England;
• Spain;

• Portugal.
In all the matches, the score was 1:1.
However, the Germans were the first to leave the group. They lost to the Portuguese, and then lost to England. The Spanish were defeated by the Portuguese. The final score was 3:2.
It is quite obvious that the team from Germany will be able to win the gold medals, and they will be the first ones to leave. The team of England has already lost to Germany in the first round of the group stages, and now they are not in the best shape.
After the first rounds, the main goal is the final match, where the teams will have a decisive struggle for the gold.
Live Results of the Match
The final round of matches will be played on the 26th of June. The matches will end at the same time. The decisive match will decide the fate of the gold medal. The English team will have the opportunity to win it.
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Team’s Prospects
The English team has already been defeated by Germany in a match in the round 1 of the world cup. Now, the team of Jurgen Klinsmann is in a worse shape. The coach of the team is not able to impose his will on the players, and he does not have enough experience.
This is why the team lost to its main rivals. The German team is a good team, which can easily win the tournament. However, the English team is much stronger than its rivals.
At the moment, the coach of England is:
• Gareth Southgate;
The coach of Australia is:
* Nick Vratislav;
* Harry Kane.
Of course, the latter is the best scorer of the English national team. He scored a total of 6 goals in the matches against the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. The rest of the players of the Australian team are not so good.
English team has a good chance to win. The players are in a good shape, and their coach is able to make the necessary changes.
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Main Intrigues of the Final Round
The team of the Germans has already left the group, and there is a real chance that they will not be able not to leave it. The Germans have already lost the first match against the Portuguese team. Now they are in the middle of the table.
Now the Germans are in trouble with the English. The last round of games was really tense. The score was 2:2, and in the decisive game the Germans lost to their rivals. Now the Germans have a real problem, because the English have a good lineup.
England has a great opportunity to get into the final round. The squad of Harry Kane is in the strongest shape. Now it is the time to show all their skills. The England team is in good shape and has a lot to show.

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