Cristiano Ronaldo transfer rumors

Cristiano Ronaldo transfer rumors: Real Madrid and Juventus are interested in the Portuguese star

Cristian Ronaldo has been a top-rated player for many years now, and he is still able to show his best game even in the most difficult situations.
Real Madrid and its rivals are always trying to get a better deal for the Portuguese player, and this is why they are always ready to pay a lot of money for him.
However, the player himself does not want to leave the Royal Club, and the club has always been ready to give him a new contract.
This is why the rumors about Cristiano Ronaldo’s transfer are quite common, and it is possible that the Portuguese will be able to leave Real Madrid in the near future.
The club’ s head coach Zinedine Zidane is always ready for such an opportunity, and if the player is able to achieve the desired result, then the club will be very happy.

However it is worth noting that the player has already stated that he wants to stay at the club, and in order to do this, he will have to prove himself in the next season.
All the latest news about the transfer of Cristiano
The transfer of the Portuguese superstar is one of the most anticipated events in the world of football.
In the summer, Real Madrid has signed the player from the Portuguese capital, who is considered to be one of its main stars.
It is worth highlighting that the club paid a huge amount for the player, which was more than the previous year’ worth.
Zinedine himself stated that the transfer is a good one for the club.
“We have signed a player who is a great addition to the team,” he said.
Consequently, the club is ready to spend a lot on the player and will try to get the maximum from it.
At the moment, the transfer has already been confirmed, and there is a high probability that the new player will join the team in the summer.
Such a move will be a good opportunity for Real Madrid to get rid of Cristian Ronaldo, who has been playing for the team for several years now.
If the club succeeds in this, then it will be the first step towards the complete overhaul of the team.
Follow the latest information about the club”s transfer campaign on the website of sports statistics, where you will always find the latest data about the team’ performance.
Who will leave Real and who will join it?
The team is still not in the best shape, and even Zidani has admitted that the team needs a new player.
Therefore, the new transfer will be an opportunity for the players to show their maximum, and they will be ready to do their best in the new season.
The main transfer of Real Madrid is the signing of Cristal.
After the transfer, the team will be in a better shape, which will allow them to compete for the title in the long run.
Moreover, the main transfer will help the club to get into the Champions League zone, which is very important for the fans.
One of the main reasons for the failure of the club in the last season was the failure to get to the Champions’ League.
Many experts believe that the failure was due to the lack of motivation of the players, which led to the fact that they gave their all in the Champions’ League matches, but they were not able to win any trophies.
As a result, the fans lost a lot, and Real Madrid did not win any trophy in the current season. However, the failure will not be the end of the world for the Royal club, as it has a lot more chances to win the Champions Cup.
You can always follow the latest events in Real Madrid’ transfer campaign, as the club always has the latest and the most reliable information about its performance.
Latest news about Juventus and other transfers
Juventus is one the most popular clubs in the Italian championship, and many fans are waiting for the arrival of the new coach of the Turin giants.
According to the latest rumors, the appointment of the coach will be made in the nearest future. The club has already started to prepare for the new appointment, and already the first rounds have been held.
Among the most interesting transfers, the most discussed are the following:
1. Lorenzi.
2. “Lampard”.
3. Cristiano.
4. Paulo Dybala.
5. Danilo.
6. Griezmann.
7. Ciro Immobile.
8. Miralem Pjanic.
9. Rodrigo.
10. Mauro Icardi.
11. Marco Parolo.
12. Fabio Cannavaro.
13. Leonardo Bonucci.
14. Gianluigi Buffon.
15. Antonio Conte.
16. Max Allegri.
17. Maurizio Sarri. The new coach will have a big impact on the results of the Italian team, and will help them to get closer to the European Cup zone.

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