The best of Chicharito

The best of Chicharito’s career

The legendary Diego Maradona has always said that the best football player is the one who can do the most for his team. That is why the Argentinian has always been a fan of the game of Diego Simeone.
The striker from the city of Buenos Aires has already managed to win the Copa America, the Super Cup and the Copla MX.
This season, he has managed to lead his team to the final of the Champions League, and in the end, he lost to Manchester City.
But the Argentine is not the only player who has managed the impossible. The list of the best players of the last decade is long and impressive, and the following players are among the best of their time:
* Zinedine Zidane;
* Lionel Messi;

* Diego Forlan;

* Sergio Agüero;
“The King”;
* Cristiano Ronaldo.
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The list of best players is not complete without the names of Cristiano. The Portuguese striker has already won the Champions Cup with Milan and the Super Bowl with the New York Giants.
In the last season, the Argentine scored a total of 5 goals, which is a record for a footballer.
However, the most important thing is that Cristiano managed to become one of the main stars of the Italian Serie A.
He has already scored a goal in every Serie A match.
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Champions League table
The Champions League is the most prestigious club tournament of the Old Continent. It is held every year, and it is the main tournament of Europe.
There are two main rounds in the tournament, the first of which is called the group stage. The teams that do not meet in the group stages will play in the next round.
At the end of the group, the teams will play against each other in a single match. The winner of the match will advance to the next stage.
After that, the top 4 teams of the tournament will qualify for the playoffs, which will take place in the best-of-seven series.
It is important to note that the Champions league is not a single tournament, but a series of matches held over several days.
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Who will win the tournament?
The main favorites of the competition are:
1. Real Madrid;
2. Barcelona;
3. Juventus;
4. Liverpool;
5. Manchester City;
6. Bayern;
7. Tottenham.
All the teams have a good chance of winning the tournament.
Among the outsiders of the championship, we can highlight:
• “Manchester United”.
• “PSG” and “Bayern”, as they are the main competitors of the Red Devils.
Of course, the team of Jose Mourinho is not in the Champions, but it is clear that the team has a lot of potential.
Also, the Champions can be won by the following teams:
· Barcelona, which has a good lineup;
· “Juventus” that has a great coach;
•“Real” who has a star player in Cristiano;
In general, the main favorites have a great chance of getting into the playoffs.
How to watch the Champions?
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Each year, the tournament is held in a different country. This year, it will be held in Spain, which means that the main contenders for the title are: Barcelona, Real Madrid, Juventus, and Liverpool.
Barcelona is the team that has the best lineup, and they have already managed a lot.
They have already won a lot, and this is a good thing for the team.
Moreover, the Catalans have a lot to do in the future. For example, they have to find a new goalkeeper, and then they will have to decide who will play on the field.
Juventus has already become a real favorite of the season, and their main competitor is “Barcelona” in the fight for the champion title.
Liverpool is the other team that is considered the main rival of Barcelona. However, the Reds have a very good lineup, too.
As for the main favorite of this season, it is not clear yet. However it is obvious that the club of Jurgen Klopp has a very bright future.
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Where to find the latest data?
On this website, you have the opportunity to follow all the results.
Here, you should always remember that the tournament has a long and complicated history.

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