Cool Senior: Adult Tricycles for Boomers and Beyond

adult on recumben trike
adult on recumbent trike

Recreational bike riding is quickly becoming a trend among a large number of senior citizens, if only because of the assurance that comes from riding a tricycle. A typical two-wheeler presents a number of balancing challenges for all riders, but the good news is you don’t have to worry about falling anymore: a modern tricycle comes equipped with a comfy seat and gears to control speed and pedal power, so that you can lean back and take it easy.

So if bike riding fascinates you but the idea of falling scares you, then an adult tricycle is ideal for you. A tricycle is perfect not just for seniors, but anybody who struggles with balance or is handicapped, and the “step through” design allows for easy mounting and dismounting, giving the rider much-needed stability.

Whether you want to ride slow, or just want your feet to touch the ground, an adult tricycle is designed with simplicity and ease of use, which means it offers a rather dynamic and fun riding experience, without any of the pressure of a two-wheeler.

Additionally, tricycles come equipped with raised, easy-to-reach ergonomic handlebars that offer an easy grip; comfortable seats for support- some models come with backrests for extra comfort. Also, aside from the frame, which is what makes a tricycle different from a two-wheeler, every other component is similar to traditional bikes, which means replacement parts are easy to get, and repairs are not costly.

Tricycles come in different types, and prices vary widely, with some going for a few hundred dollars to several thousand. Let’s look at some of the different styles available today as well as the cost.


Recumbent bikes are aerodynamic and the design makes them great for riders with back problems. They come in a stretched-out frame that allows you to recline with the legs positioned in front, and they are lower to the ground, which makes them perfect for longer rides. Recumbent bikes are amongst the most popular type of trikes, a simple search will show you a big number of sites that sell various models.

You can get different styles and designs on these websites, but keep in mind recumbent bikes are a little expensive. Prices range from $800 to around $2,500.


Do you plan to ride with your spouse or a partner? A tandem tricycle comes with a front and back seat, but some double-seat models come with the seats set side-by-side. These types of bikes can go for anywhere between $1,000 to $2,000, and are available on the same websites that sell recumbent bikes.


If all you need is an occasional leisure ride around the neighborhood, an Upright-positioned tricycle is a good choice. These are the more traditional tricycles that come equipped with a rear cargo basket and just two or three gear speeds. They are also perfect for running errands within short distances, or for fitness and pleasure, and you can get one at Target or Wal-Mart for around $300. Popular models include the Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle which is rated as the best adult tricycle by Mike Bravetti from, which retails at $270, and the Torker TriStar, which retails at $500.


If you would like to travel with your tricycle but are concerned it might not fit into your limited storage space, then what you need is a folding tricycle. It is a type of three-wheeler designed to fold up and fit into small spaces; these are perfect for the person who moves around a lot. Some popular models include Kent Westport Folding Tricycle which can be bought on Amazon or at Target for just $300. Another decent model is the Adventurer Three-Speed Folding Trike, which goes for $390 and


This is a hybrid tricycle that comes with an electric motor, allowing you to exercise only when you feel like it, so that the rest of the time you can just sit back and let the motor power away while you enjoy the great outdoors. It’s perfect for anybody with an injury or who can’t cycle for long, because you can still go out, but it also has pedals so you can work the muscles when you’re ready, and if it gets a little tough, the motor can take over. You can get good models like the EW-88 electric trike at for around $1000.

So there it is, there’s a tricycle for everybody, and they come in all varieties, so which type do you prefer?  

Keeping Your Older Car Fresh and Up to Date despite the Mileage

Getting that new car was a breath of fresh air; literally. You’d get in and breathe in deeply, soaking the new car smell and rubbing that steering wheel appreciatively. A smile was always playing on your lips when you’d rev the engine. But age has a funny way of robbing you of that first intimacy you shared.

Your car may not have gotten old and rickety, but it has aged. Those first few years of life have gotten the coat of paint losing its glow and the engine sounding like every other five year old car.

But you can get your car back in good shape with a few affordable changes. Here are a few tips to get your older car into new car shape.

Get That New Car Glossy Look Back

glossy car look

Being constantly in the elements will wear the shine from your car’s coat of paint. This should not deter you from getting back the shine. The most basic way of keeping your car clean involves washing it every day using non-corrosive detergents. A once a week waxing has a way of paying back by protecting your paint job from getting too affected by the elements. If you find yourself unable to spare a few bucks for some wax, get that lanolin-rich hair shampoo and use as a detergent. It is one sure way of giving your car a super shiny look that will get that smile playing on your face again.

Get That New Car Smell Back

car scents

The new car smell is something that puzzles everybody. But instead of being caught up in the mystery of unraveling what exactly is the new car smell, take time to clean your interior thoroughly. It means taking out any trash left in the cabin every day. It also calls for you to clean the upholstery once a week, vacuuming where possible and detaching and laundering when able to. This includes the floor mats which can harbor enough trash. This will get rid of any smells from spillage, dirt and grime that collect over the week.

If you haven’t been giving your car love for some time, don’t blame it for not having an inviting scent. Once you have the interior clean, you need to get the boot cleaned up. This can do with some vacuuming as well. Remember that a good thorough clean with detergent on most parts, and an all purpose cleaner for the dash board will get rid of enough unpleasant odors. To clean your AC you need to let it run for a few minutes at high. This should be done before cleaning the interior.

When your car’s cabin is squeaky clean it will benefit from an air freshener of your choice. Be ready to indulge because, though you cannot get that exact new car smell back, you can supplement with an attractive air freshener.

Upgrading Your Sound System

car sound system

If your car is a few years old, it simply means your dashboard is outdated; this includes your sound system. If it sounded good, with the bass line sending shivers down your spine when it was new, it probably wizened with age. Trading up for an up to date sound system like the double din head unit will get you functioning in the new age. A double din system takes a little extra space on your dash, but gives you many exciting entertainment options of how to enjoy your drives. Most come with touch screen functionality, with ipod, Bluetooth and USB connectivity as some of the basic functions. You will be thoroughly entertained with the selection between DVD, mp3 and satellite radio. And consider some even give you the ability to integrate your smart phone; this is for those corporate heads that are always on the phone.

When upgrading your sound system, you should not make the mistake of leaving your speaker system unchanged. A new system may not give you the best, only because you limit it with the traditional car speakers that come with it. When you change your speaker system you will do well to add on a pair of 6.5” car speakers. Coming in with inbuilt tweeters and the benefit of a wide range frequency range, these speakers will give you woofer, mid-range and tweeting response, making your face split up in a grin.

Keep that Engine Happy

air filter

A happy engine equals a happy you. You should maintain a basic maintenance of your car’s engine to keep it healthy. This includes oil change, oil and air filter changes and using the best gas formula you can afford.